Self-exiled former Manicaland Provincial Minister Mandi Chimene has returned home.

Chimene a strong critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascendency to power recently said she was preparing to return to Zimbabwe.

Apparently , Chimene has been vocal in attacking Mnangagwa on several occasions and platforms during the factional battles just before the coup that toppled late ex president Robert Mugabe.

At one point she called Mnangagwa a lame duck.

Meanwhile, as if to confirm her eventual return, Chimene posted:

“Home sweet Home.

“Help me thank Leadership Help me thank President ED Mmnangagwa for being a forgiving and empathetic leader.

“Help me thank my children for electing to stand with me for taking this decision.
“Help me thank the ever-loving Manicaland cdes. Thank you Lord for that!”