Despite a myriad of challenges currently bedevilling the country’s education sector, Zimbabwe schools will open doors in 2023, a top Government official has told teachers.

In a Wednesday “Twiff”, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Media and Broadcasting Services, George Charamba laughed off outspoken teachers’ unionist, Dr Takavafira Zhou who had logically posted on macroblogging social networking site, Twitter:

The great question of 2022 is how (schools) would open given 350% increase in schl fees, a quantum leap of covid 19, a tr’s salary of $24000. High drop out rate by pupils, incapacitated trs, and rampant covid 19, would be the ultimate result unless a comprehensive plan is unveiled”.

In his reaction to the PTUZ secretary-general, Charamba who uses the handle @… said the questions raised we’re ‘pedestrian’.

“Very pedestrian questions indeed!!!” Charamba tweeted.

“Schools will reopen, children will learn and we will be happy ever after, whatever doomsayers say or think!!!!!”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Harare Adminstration has for long been embroiled in a tiff with its civil servants who have continued to bemoan agonising working conditions and poor remuneration.