The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,  Lt-General (Retired) Sibusiso Moyo, had a torrid time from furious Zimbabweans on Twitter on Tuesday after he complained about being abused over the last few months, claiming “it’s called maturity not dumbness!”

“We’ve been quiet while abuse has been spewed at us over the last few months- it’s called maturity not dumbness! We are not here to denigrate but simply to say what we’ve done and where we’re going! The message is simple and true – vote for @edmnangagwa for the simple truth! #EDpfee,” Moyo wrote on Twitter.

This comes at the same time when Moyo appeared with a Congolese diplomat who said Zimbabweans were enjoying too much freedom following the departure of Mugabe.

Below are comments from angry people who feel that SB Moyo is not qualified to tell them how to behave:

Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya: B Moyo thinks that because he announced the coup on TV he can announce when we can or cannot exercise our freedoms; he thinks that he gives and takes away those inalienable rights; Listen junta man; the rights of man/woman do not come from the generosity of JUNTA but will of God.

Patrick Zhuwao: Someone respond to this murderous & treasonous EDiot who violated the Constitution of Zimbabwe in a coup on 15 Nov 2017 & is recognized & acknowledged by the UN as a thief, looter & plunderer of DRC’s natural resources by abusing ZDF.

Mfundo Mlilo: You can’t complain a few months when we have been quiet for 38 years while your lot plundered our country. The message is simple #KwekweED.

Tom Mbambo: Can u xplain 1 form of abuse that was spewed on u? If asking abt the ‘criminals around Mugabe’ is abuse what then shall we say about Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Jestina Mukoko, Itai Dzamara, 2008 violence as well as cash shortages? Mbavha Vana Obert Mpofu are walking scot free That’s abuse!!

Gracius Chihuri: We equally have been quite whilst you & your lot have been looting our country & trembling on our freedoms, we had our future ruined by our own supposedly liberators! Our military send to DRC so you & ED can pfee mari muhomwe from DRC diamonds so enough is enough!

Durban Marukutira: You staged a whole coup on the pretext of weeding out criminals. 8 months on the only criminal to be condemned to Chikurubi stole $12k (Transfer). Do you think we are as dump as that Sir?