A shameless Zimbabwean man based in South Africa allegedly raped his 19-year-old daughter on the bizzare pretext that this was the child’s way of paying the heartless father for having taken care of her since birth.
According to reports, the issue came to light after the girl’s boyfriend stumbled upon messages on her phone in which the shameless father was asking for sex from her. The shaken boyfriend (name withheld), then quizzed his lover over the messages and baring soul, the girl opened up on the sexual abuse under her father’s hand.
In an interview with a local publication, a family member who requested anonimity for fear of reprisal, revealed that in December last year, the girl visited her father in neighbouring South Africa. The abusive father is said to have come home heavily drunk that particular night and went straight to where his daughter was sleeping. He is said to have told his daughter that, since he is the one who has been paying school fees for her, he wanted to have sex with her.
The helpless daughter reportedly consented to her father’s puzzling demand, and he raped her once. Dejected, the girl returned back to Zimbabwe the following morning and her father was exposed when the girl’s boyfriend was going through messages in her mobile.
The girl is also said to have told her fiancee that, after the incident, she needed counselling to get over it. According to the girl’s aunt, her lover reported the matter to the police and it was recorded under case number CR 135 /02/ 2020.