Bresley Mutungamiri Hove, a 36-year-old man accused of committing several frauds, has been arrested upon his return to Zimbabwe to attend his father’s funeral. He was first apprehended on July 17 but later released on bail, only to be rearrested on new charges. Hove is facing multiple fraud and theft charges.

According to the Harare Magistrates Court, one of the alleged frauds involved a transaction with Danmore Mambondiani from the company Liquid Cargo. Hove, who is involved in the LPG gas industry, received money from Mambondiani to import a mobile gas tank worth US$65,000 from Turkey. Despite promising to deliver the tank by October 2022, Hove had not done so by November. To cover up the delay, he allegedly provided fraudulent documents to deceive Mambondiani.

On another charge of theft, Hove, who is the director of a company called Alphas Gas, was entrusted with an LPG transport tanker by Chabvonga Ronald Musiiwa in April 2021. However, in September of the same year, Musiiwa discovered that the tanker, valued at US$100,000, had gone missing. Investigations led to the recovery of the tanker from Danmore Mambondiani, who had purchased it from Hove for US$25,000. Another suspect, John Henry Gould, is being sought in connection with this theft.

Despite the serious allegations against Hove, prosecutors did not oppose bail. However, he was subjected to strict conditions, including staying at a specified residence, reporting to the police three times a week, surrendering his passport, and refraining from interfering with witnesses. Additional charges against Hove are being prepared by investigators.

During the court appearance, Hove’s wife, a TV producer, arrived in a white Mercedes Benz G-Wagon with South African number plates, which has a market value of R3 million (approximately US$166,000).