LOCAL internet users are envisaging the prospects of late Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s eldest son, Robert Junior, joining the bloated Zimdancehall genre after the deceased dictator’s namesake appeared on a new video of a song done by seasoned musician, Roki (real name Rockford Josphats), top female chanter, Queen Kadja, who was born Tariro Kadandara.

Although the two recording artists featured the former First Son in the video of a gospel song titled Ndinouya, the fact that the talented pair are secular musicians has got users on various social networking platforms, fancying Robert Junior’s chances of grabbing the microphone and chanting a line or two.

And, with his newly found accomplice and cleric Passion Java- a controversial man of the cloth with a penchant for promoting Zimdancehall singers- also featuring on the video, one can certainly be forgiven for speculating about Robert Junior’s future, musically.

Produced at Passion Java Records, the music video has been getting rare reviews on YouTube as the late Mugabe’s son made a surprise appearance on it.

During the time of publishing by Zwnews, the music video had amassed 109,017 views on the popular video sharing website and was ranked second on YouTube.

Robert Jnr has also been a regular feature on mainstream and online media sites after he publicly declared support for his late father’s successor and current Zimbabwe leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Claiming that his soul was the long-ruling party, the former president’s eldest son told a Zanu PF rally graced by Mnangagwa in St Mary’s recently that the current leadership in the party has been very ‘accommodative’ of him.

The late Mugabe was toppled in a November 2017 military coup that propelled Mnangagwa to the presidency.

Mnangagwa’s wartime political master, later succumbed to an undisclosed illness while receiving treatment at Singaporean elite medical facility, the Gleneagles Hospital, on September 6, 2019.

At the time of his death, Mugabe- an independence hero turned authoritarian- had three children- daughter Bona, Robert Jnr, and the once popular Chatunga Bellarmine.