Former Zimbabwe Warriors international Shingi Kaondera and ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga finally met after 10 years apart yesterday, Wednesday,  when Ras Shingi visited her in Hospital.

Kaondera also met his daughter Destiny whom he last saw as a baby when the former Miss Zimbabwe contestant got married to then Zimbabwe National Army boss Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga.

Shingi Wrote on social media;

After 10 years l finally met Mai Dee, yesterday at the hospital, thank u Jesus, we spent 2 glorious hours together, she is still wonderful, some souls cant be tempered with, trust me l left her in very high spirits and very jovial mood, and determined as ever to beat her discomforting disease, and she said l know Shingi Ras Kaondera u are a prayerful warrior u will pray for me, and l was like u know l always, and l thanked her for taking very good care of our daughter together Destiny she has grown up to be just like my mom, so friends of mine keep on praying for her and thank for your support physically morally and spiritually may Jah_ God_ Allah_MWARI_ bless u all, if l didn’t have a running with the media l was gonna show you the pics##more_prayers