Despite benefitting from Zimbabwe leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Amnesty a few weeks ago, two men from Lupane were arrested again after they reportedly went on a housebreaking spree, stealing valuable products under the most aggravating circumstances.

The notorious pair of 21-year old Lenias Mpunzi and Hloniphani Nkomo (23) both of Zikungwa Village under Chief Mabhikwa in Lupane were convicted on their own plea of guilty to a combined five counts of unlawful entry and theft after appearing before Lupane magistrate Ndumo Masuku.

They allegedly broke into five different premises including Lupane State University (LSU)’s staff compound they stole clothes, groceries and electrical gadgets. According to the magistrate, the duo did not deserve to be in society as they violated the parole granted to them.

The duo will each spend 78 months behind the bars.

“The court considered that the accused are repeat offenders who didn’t repent on their previous incarceration as they showed no respect for the Presidential amnesty. The two don’t deserve to be out,” said the magistrate.

The court then brought into effect six months which were suspended on condition of good behaviour when the two separately appeared in court in December last year.

Previously, Mpunzi had been sentenced to 48 months for 12 counts of unlawful entry and theft with six months suspended on condition that he does nt commit the same offence within five years.

On the other hand, Nkomo had been sentenced to 36 months for eight counts of a similar nature, with six months conditionally suspended.

When Mnangagwa pardoned them early this year, the serial robbers had served about three months in prison.

It is understood that the two criminals- who committed the offencess between April and September 2020, broke into Velakude Dladla’s place of residence at the District Development Coordinator’s compound twice and stole various kinds of goods worth more than $32 000.

“On the 23rd day of July 2020 the complainant locked his doors as he went to the clinic. The accused arrived during the complainant’s absence and broke the door using an unknown object to gain entry and stole various kinds of goods,” said Derrick Ndlovu who prosecuted.

Ndlovu added that on the other two counts, Mpunzi and Nkomo broke into Lupane State University’s compound and Zapalala supermarket warehouse where they stole clothes and sugar respectively.

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additional reporting: Zwnews