Samson Muchirahondo

Gold mining company, Rio Zimbabwe has come under scrutiny from employees who are suspecting underhand dealings from management, complaining why they are the only mining firm not paying half of workers salaries in USD currency.

The surrounding firms Golden Valley and Zimplats are said to be paying half bond notes and half USD since their payment comes in that form.

Well placed sources within the company said it was frivolous that Rio Zim was denying them the green buck.

“I strongly suspect that management is being involved in money changing deals. Since $1.00 USD is trading at 1.75 bond note meaning they will get a surplus of $75 per every $100 USD,” said one of the sources.

“What boggles the mind most is that prices are skyrocketing so we are always at the suffering end they should pay us in USD so that the value of our money will be at par with price hikes.”

A worker based at one of Rio Zim’s plant in Chakari said the situation was different depending on plants.

“Rio Zim workers contracted under R. DAVIS in Chakari are not even getting any greenback notes, but our colleagues at Kadoma mine are receiving part of their payment in that currency monthly.

“An investigation should be done to determine what is going on, all the gold is being sold in USD, but we are not enjoying the benefits.”

The other workers based at Rio’s Kadoma mine said they were getting the greenback, but not half pay.

“We are receiving USD partly, but less than half of the pay. It depends with one’s salary, but on average one is getting
25 percent greenback while 75 percent is bond notes.”

Rio Zim manager Mr Sylvester Dhlamini was not immediately available for a comment yesterday as his phone was unreachable.