Samson Muchirahondo

In a sudden turn of events, a woman who hit and killed a cyclist in Kadoma last weekend along Harare-Bulawayo highway had no licence and was being taught how to drive, police details have revealed.

The motorist was heading to Bulawayo from Harare when she hit a cyclist who died on the spot.

The accident reported on last Thursday happened around 7:15 pm some 10 kilometers from Kadoma city centre last week

“The two lovebirds were teaching each other to drive. I strongly suspect since it was night the wife failed to have a clear vision due to lights from incoming vehicles.

“In such a case its difficult to lay all the blame to the cyclist basing on eyewitnesses accounts only, the couple also has a case to answer. I am sure the issue will appear in court anytime next week,” said a source.

An eyewitness, Mr Abishaih Malamah suspected that the bicycler might have been drunk.

“The BMW was being driven by a lady only identified as Mrs Sakhala who was accompanied by her husband on their way from Harare heading Bulawayo direction,” he said.

“The accident was within my reach, l noticed the deceased cycling at the middle of the road which led me to assume he was drunk.”

“Sooner rather than later cars started flashing at him, by the time he noticed being on the wrong lane it was too late to change and started criss crossing in the middle of the road.”

“He later decided to try to force change of lane, that is when he was hit, smashed on the windscreen, before sustaining a deep cut on his belly and broke both his hands and a right leg.”

Another witness, Mr Tendai Rwafarisa said the driver tried emergency brakes, but it was too late to save life as the cyclist tried to change lanes quickly.

He also said the deceased had no reflectors, making it worse for the driver to visibly negotiate.

Mr Abishaih Malamah said he called police who then ferried the deceased’s body.