The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has admitted they gave Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zanu PF 4453 votes he did not have and denied Nelson Chamisa 4491 votes in Mbire area.

The electoral body claims it was a clerical ‘error’.

But many in Chamisa’s camp are asking why always us:

“Amazing how the clerical errors ALWAYS have been done in favour of Mnangagwa and against Chamisa!,” said former MDC Bulawayo MP, David Coltart.

Based on the announcement, Mnangagwa’s total votes have been reduced by -0.08% and ZEC says overall the final computations do not alter significantly the announced 2018 presidential results.

Following the correction, Nelson Chamisa gained 0.1%. ZEC did not discover this error, it only acted after a team of self funded patriots published the anomalies.

This error was spotted in one area and opposition activists say Mbire is just a tip on the iceberg, Mnangagwa’s votes were massively inflated throughout the country’s remote constituencies.