Despite his estranged wife telling him right away that she was no longer interested in him and also relocating to South Africa, a Bulawayo man is refusing to vacate the residence of his ex-mother-in-law and continuously torments her.

The man, Robin Shiri, is in the despicable habit of storming into the bedroom of his divorced wife’s mother, Rosemary Mnkandla, where he switches on the radio before leaving loud music blaring all over the house.

Shiri disrespectfully annoys his ex-mother-in-law despite his estranged wife, Gwendoleen Mudzingwa, having left him for South Africa while leaving their children in the custody of Mnkandla, her mother.

After failing to withstand the behaviour of her daughter’s former lover, Mnkandla has since approached the Bulawayo Civil Court, begging the courts to evict him from her house.

“I want the court to intervene in the matter in which I am having problems with my ex son-in-law Robin Shiri who is currently residing at my house. He is verbally abusing me and not taking care of his children who were left under my custody by my daughter Gwendoleen Mudzingwa who is now based in South Africa. Despite being told by my daughter on several occasions that she was no longer interested in him, he is refusing to vacate my house. He always comes home late and drunk and starts insulting me. He also gets into my bedroom and switches on the radio and starts singing loudly. He also damages property,” Mnkandla submitted.

“This hurts me much that sometimes I have trouble sleeping. He is also rude to me and I want the court to grant me a protection order that stops him from verbally and emotionally harassing me as well as to vacate my house,” she begged.

But, in his response Shiri said he was not opposed to his ex-mother-in-law’s request to vacate her house.

“I am not opposed to her application. It’s been two years since I have been staying with the children and the maid in the absence of the applicant (Mnkandla). I, however, dispute that I destroyed her property’,’’ said Shiri.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties to keep peace with each other.

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