Former Wife Marry Mubaiwa Levels Accusations Against VP Chiwenga’s New Spouse Minnie Baloyi

In a startling development, Marry Mubaiwa, currently on trial in Zimbabwe for alleged attempts to murder Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has launched scathing allegations against Chiwenga’s new wife, Minnie Baloyi.

Mubaiwa, who was once married to Chiwenga, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday morning to express her sentiments and vehemently criticized Baloyi. She asserted that Baloyi could never replace her as the mother of her children. Accusing Baloyi of putting on an award-worthy performance, Mubaiwa claimed that Baloyi pretended to be a nurse and successfully seduced Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

“You will never ever be a biological mother to my kids, you claim to love them and yet you deny them the space to be with me,your pretens to play nurse so you can seduce their father, claim to be a linguist so you can follow him to China, u deserve an OSCAR…,” Mubaiwa said on X.

“When u look @ my children, what do u see, what lies do u tell them, l am shaken by the women that have kept silent in this project for the freedom of my kids, I don’t care about the divorce, l want freedom and happiness for them, the reunion with their siblings,” Marry Mubaiwa added on X.