A calamitously shameless Filabusi quadragenarian has invited big trouble for himself and has now been slapped with a 20-year jail term for raping his niece, aged 11.

The 48-year old paedophille, who cannot be named for purposes of protecting the victimised minor’s identity, is also accused of having told his niece that he had loved her for a very long time and now wanted to quench his wild appetite for sex on the defenceless school pupil.

Despite the fact that he pleaded not guilty to the rape charges levelled against him, Gwanda regional magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandla settled for a 20-year custodial sentence due to overwhelming evidence incriminating the now incarcerated rapist.

He commited the crime last year.

It is understood that on 26 November 2019, at around 3pm, the complainant and her three friends were on their way from school when they met the accused quadragenarian, who was holding a whip.

He is said to have started accusing the four girls of playing around instead of heading straight home, after dismissal from school.

He then grabbed his niece’s hand and threatened to beat her colleagues.

Fear-struck, the other three girls allegedly fled from the scene, leaving their friend in the company of her inhumane uncle who, without any bit of shame, told the 11-year old that he loved her and also wanted to have sex with her.

When the complainant turned down her heartless uncle’s demands, he is said to have threatened the juvenile with a thorough whipping.

He then dragged the defenceless little girl into the bush where he raped her.

After inhumanely satisfying his sexual desires, the now jailed rapist further threatened to assault the complainant in the event that she reported the matter to anyone.

But when she was quizzed by her mother why she had returned home late, the girl is said to have narrated the painful ordeal she was subjected to while in the bush, leading to the arrest of her uncle.

Khumbulani Nyoni prosecuted.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews