The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has reduced gate charges for all premier league matches and Chibuku Super cup matches slated for this weekend.

With the new charges, soccer fans will now have to part with US$3 for the Rest of the Ground down from US$10 with Grand Stands and VIP paying US$5 and $10 respectively.

Apparently, in a memo, PSL Chief Executive Officer, Kenny Ndebele said the league had engaged football stakeholders concerning the charges.

“The Premier Soccer League has engaged various stakeholders including club supporters associations concerning gate charges for PSL matches.

“While the PSL notes that clubs suffered huge financial losses during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to incur a lot of costs in preparation for matches, we also understand the need to make our matches appealing and affordable to football fans who are the heartbeat of the game.

“Taking into account the above, the PSL has reviewed gate charges for all PSL matches effective from the Chibuku Super Cup Semi-finals to be played this weekend as follows: Rest of Ground: US$3 Grand Stands: US$5 VIP: US$10.

“The gate charges will be reviewed in 2022. We would like to remind all football fans to comply with Covid-19 protocols and directives before, during and after football matches,” said Ndebele.

He said all those attending PSL matches should comply with Covid-19 protocols.