Prophet Passion Java is being sued by South Africa-based Zimbabwean businesswoman Nobuhle Ncube who alleges that the preacher’s church stole her 300 chairs 7 years ago and have since been refusing to acknowledge her concerns. To add insult to injury, Ncube says that Prophet Passion and his church actually had the temerity to block her on all social media platforms.

A frustrated Ncube took to social media to air her concerns saying,

Kungofunga hangu kuti with all those money yavanopa vanhu. Ndakavapa machairs angu 300 muna 2014 tikawirirana kuti vanondipa 300usd 1$ pachair every week. Kuzoenda mwedzi wapera kuda mari yangu hanzi machairs atorwa nevanhu vezvikwereti prophet vatiza nemari vaenda kuAmerica kumboedza kubata anga ari mukadzi wavo akati daddy havasi kutobatika zvachose kudzamara ndaneta hangu nekufamba pega pega pandoona vachipa munhu ndobuda musodzi kuti ko ini vakaregereiwo kundipawo mari yangu.

In an interview with local publication H-Metro, Ncube narrated the sequence of events as follows:

“I am a businesswoman, but I have stopped doing events in Zimbabwe after I lost all my chairs to Kingdom Embassy Church in October 2014.

“Prophet Passion and his team approached me and asked if they could hire my chairs for their Sunday and midweek services. We negotiated, and I finally charged them $1 per chair, which meant they were supposed to pay me US$300 every week, but they said they would pay me US$1 200 monthly.

“When we agreed to the deal, they sent a lady called Clement to collect the chairs in Glen View 3, where I was staying. After a month, I then went to the church to collect my money. The
chairs were not in the church and: I was told that he (Passion) had left for the United States and my chairs were confiscated over a debt he was owing someone else.

“I had to relocate to my rural home at that time because I had incurred a lot of debts from people whom I had received deposits from, who wanted to hire the chairs. I have been trying to get hold of the prophet and his team, but they don’t reply to my messages and they have blocked me on their social media platforms,”

Nobuhle Ncube 


Ncube said that the cumulative amount that the Prophet owes her is now well over US$100 000. She, however, said that she will be happy to settle for getting just her chairs back. She has decided to take legal action to recover her property.

Prophet Passion Java’s team, on the other hand, have furiously denied the allegations saying that they are will meet Ncube in court since she has decided to tarnish Java’s image. Prophet Passion’s personal assistant, Ashel Muchuchu told H-Metro,

“The prophet is not aware of such a transaction because we have records for all contracts we have had, and we don’t have a record of her contract.

The prophet was willing to help this lady, but it seems she has taken a ruthless route of approaching the media in a bid to soil the prophet’s name so we will see her in court.”