Prof Moyo: Is panic cholera causing shortages of medicines in hospitals?

Latest twits by Prof Jonathan Moyo: 1/3 If you have 1USD you can’t buy one loaf of bread. But if you sell that 1USD for RTGS FCA, you can buy two & a half loaves. Distortions thanks to the painful so-called monetary measures widely rejected by industry, commerce, workers, students, peasants, consumers & investors!

2/3 While @Zimpapers is busy with propaganda to support the inherently unworkable & painful so-called monetary measures, the one dollar paid in RTGS FCA for a #Herald copy is 0.37 cents in real money. Herald is running at a loss & has cut down its daily print run from 26K to 11K!

3/3 A msg doing rounds asks: If as claimed by RBZ Governor Mangudya, shortages of basic commodities such as fuel are caused by panic buying; what is causing shortages of medicines in hospitals & pharmacies? Panic illness? Panic cholera or panic diarrhoea? It’s governance, stupid!

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