Lovemore Lubinda

When beat boxer Takudzwa Mashonganyika (Probeatz) won the DreamStar talent search in 2015, many would have been tempted that he could be only but a lucky chance.

He left the audiences at the Youth Entrepreneurs Program awards held at a local hotel in Harare yesterday in stitches.

Beat boxing is a hip hop art feature of vocal percussion producing extraordinary drum beats and musical sounds without instruments; using the mouth, tongue and voice.

Mashonganyika left the audience mouth ajar with ewe as he made drum sounds, bass guitar sounds, and various musical instruments beats using only his mouth. For some, at first were forced to sweep scan the scene for any musical instruments, suspecting being taken for a ride by remote controlled instruments, only to see that the sounds were indeed coming from the mouth.

He went a notch higher when he briefly sang the national anthem, resembling a choir or computerised pipe band music, striking all the musical notes, soprano, bass, and alto with dexterity to the amusement of the audience.

“This has nothing to do with instruments,” he said as he samples the sounds without the microphone, to prove to the gathering that he was indeed not being accompanied by any instruments in the background.

“You want to try it,” said Probeatz extending the microphone to a lady among the audience, who hardly produced any sound at all.

Hailing from Mufakose, Probeatz livened up the event as he entertained the gathering with different beats, and draws inspiration from producers like Swiss Beatz, Timberland, David Guetta, among others. In 2015 he walked away with US$5000 when he was the overall winner at a talent search show held at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare.