In his address marking National Unity Day, President Emmerson Mnangagwa issued a dire warning to armed robbers, saying lately the country has witnessed an upsurge in gun-related crimes which should not be left to continue.

He noted that there is a clear upsurge in abuse of firearms, including violent armed robberies, adding that this will be dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to safeguard the gains of the Unity Accord, signed between ZANU and ZAPU.

“Even though the signatories to the Unity Accord were two Sister Liberation movements, the threat and menace which that Accord cured and resolved was a national one.

“Equally, the benefits accruing from it remain national in character. These two considerations alone, make the Unity Accord larger than the two signatories, catapulting it into the coveted status of a National Gain, Resource and Heritage.

“This, in effect, means the Unity Accord is our asset together as Zimbabweans,” he said.

Mnangagwa added that nothing should divide Zimbabweans:

“There should never be barriers of politics, colour, creed, language, region or tribe standing between us and its collective ownership.

“Illustratively, all political formations in the country confirm it, one way or the other, through their structures and leadership choices.

“That makes the Unity Accord a common possession, indeed a timeless guiding ethos. Our Nations stands by it, or perishes for want of it.”

Meanwhile, on armed robberies, concerns have been raised in some sections of the society as there has been increase in members of the country’s security forces taking part.