President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is expected to handover replacement vehicles to traditional leaders today.

The hand over ceremony is taking place at the Harare International Conference Center this morning.

The move is part of the government’s ongoing programme to ensure chiefs are mobile and to restore their dignity.

Speaking while hand over vehicles to traditional leaders last time, Mnangagwa assured traditional them that the government will construct access roads to their homesteads, and provide them with medical aid cover, clean water and solar energy.

Mnangagwa also promised that the government will look into the welfare of headmen.

“Our voters are under you since you have come in numbers, I hope you have trust in me, if you had no trust in me you were not going to come in big numbers.

“Since you have trust in the second republic, we have trust in your traditional leaders in that you have to defend our land.

“You have to defend the identity and the respect of the African person,’’ said Mnangagwa the other day.