President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been lambasted for allegedly trying to get political mileage out of former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda’s death.

This follows a state media report that just before he was hospitalised prior to his death, Kaunda wrote a letter to Mnangagwa thanking him for some money donation and wishing him well.

However, analysts say it’s wrong for Mnangagwa and his public relations handlers to seek political mileage out of this unfortunate incident.

Renowned political commentator Elder Mabhunu says, President Mnangagwa made a mistake by trying to sell his alleged kindness or generosity at the time when everyone is busy mourning.

Another commentator, Communications and public affairs professional, Chofamba concurs with him saying Mnangagwa shouldn’t have disclosed private details that he helped Kaunda with money, at this time.

“@edmnangagwa’s shameless jacking of gravitas from KK’s death by revealing private details of an unsigned letter, allegedly written by Kaunda, betrays his abiding sense of inadequacy.

“KK lies yet unburied; yet E.D feels compelled to tell all: I helped Kaunda with cash! Crass.”

Exiled former minister, Jonathan Moyo also slammed Mnangagwa for trying to get cheap publicity from the late founding Zambian leader instead of mourning with the aggrieved nation and its people.

“This is crass, shocking, unpresidential & typical of Mnangagwa & his media henchmen: instead of mourning KK upfront, they see a PR opportunity for Emmerson. Lowlife stuff!” Moyo said.