President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chancellor Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa has presided over Bindura University of Science Education’s 21st Graduation Ceremony.

Among the graduates were 1000 females and 889 males, bringing a total of 1889 graduands.

Mnangagwa also commissioned the Bindura University of Science Education Innovation Hub.

Some of products developed and manufactured by BUSE Innovation hub include: -Hair Shampoo, Masawu Jam, Masaru Youghut, Masaru Juice, Dande Instant Porridge, Moringa broiler starter, Moringa broiler finisher, Hair food, Laundry bleach, Toilet Cleaner and Sodium Silicate.

The products also include dishwashing liquid, Herbal Antifungal Cream, -Herbal mouth wash and Vitamin C syrup.