A YOUNG woman, who was believed to be pregnant, was found dead by her landlord after having an altercation with her husband the previous night.

This occurred at number 21926 Unit A in Seke, where the couple had been staying together, for four months.

The matter was confirmed by the neighbours.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was said to be 18 years-old.

At the time of her death, she is believed to have been pregnant.

Neighbours said she had a fallout with her husband the night before she died and some window panes were destroyed.

“In the last few days there was a conflict but we did not know the reason as the two did not want to talk about it.

“It was around 5pm when we saw a van at the gate, a man getting off with a woman on his back.

“We only assumed that, maybe, it was their relative who was sick, but then we were called and found her paralysed,” said a neighbour.

The man is said to have claimed the deceased just started vomiting.  H-Metro