Former ZANU PF legislator for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu has called on political leaders in the country to swallow their pride and get down on the dialogue table, saying no politician should behave as if they have title deeds of this country in their houses.

Zivhu believes that politics should not turn people into enemies, neither is a war, and urged leaders to give each other credit where it is due.

“If u say a certain player is good doesn’t mean you support his team, politicians learn to appreciate and compliment each other.

“Don’t behave like you have title deeds of this country in your houses.

“Politics of hate and fighting don’t build a country (dzokuvengana, kurwa nekutukana hazvivaki nyika yedu),” he says.

He also warned the other MDC faction that they are not of value at all, urging them to respect Nelson Chamisa as the true holder of the real MDC brand

“U can force yourself to people but not respect, MDC zvinoreva Tsvangirayi kana Chamisa ndochokwadi chisingadi press conference.

“Vamwe ava murikutamba nenguva chero mukavata paguva ra Tsvangirayi mazuva akati kuti hazvichinji. Give the respected time for dialogue nyika ifambe,” he adds.