The Zimbabwe Republic Police has refuted some media reports that a woman was found dead cut in pieces in Zengeza after being arrested for violating COVID-19 regulations.

Speaking on the alleged Zengeza woman murder the police say while they are still conducting investigations into the murder, information verified with relatives show that this woman (26) was legally married to someone.

She is said to have had received an eco-cash transaction from a former boyfriend on the day in question, who then invited her to meet privately at an unknown location.

Police adds that one of the relatives even remonstrated with her on why she was meeting with the same man whom she had separated with long time ago and they were not even communicating.

It is further reported that the relatives later tried to call her at 1700 hours with no response till 1900hours.

Meanwhile, police says records at ZRP Zengeza do not show that woman was ever picked or arrested for any offence by police, as alleged by the said local publication.

Meanwhile, police has urged members of the media to verify facts before rushing into conclusions.