Golden Party Zambia (GPZ) President Jackson Silavwe says the standoff between the Zambia Police and the former Republican President Edgar Lungu at his home is completely unnecessary.

He says anything outside the Republican Constitution becomes jungle law and attracts such bizarre standoffs.

Silavwe adds that the fight against corruption must be fought within the prescribed law of the land for it to be legitimate.

“What has happened today is despicable and embarrassing to all who support a genuine fight against corruption,” he says.

Apparently, a number of officials from former President Lungu’s administration have allegedly been subjected to persecution.

The police has released a statement on the matter below:

Police are investigating a case of Theft of motor vehicle and theft of a certificate of title for a property in Lusaka’s Libala South.

This is in a case were Elizabeth Chanje Phiri and her daughter identified as Furhana Patel complained to Police that the former First Lady, Esther Lungu, grabbed their motor vehicles namely Mitsubishi Canter bearing registration number BAV 5282, Toyota Allex bearing registration number BAV 3986 and Toyota Runx bearing registration number BAV 3986.

The suspect is also alleged to have grabbed a certificate of title for stand number S/Lusaka/ SLN 0003/2977 located in Libala south water works area.

The incidents occurred between August 8, 2022 and August 9, 2022 in Lusaka.

The victim, Elizabeth Chanje Phiri is alleged to have been detained at a Police Station and later driven to Ibex Hills at the Former First Lady’s residence where she was together with her daughter, made to surrender the said properties to Mrs. Esther Lungu.

Police instituted investigations into the matter and managed to locate the properties at Mrs. Lungu’s residence in Ibex Hills where a Toyota Runx registration number BAV 3986 has been recovered.

The suspect has been summoned to appear before the Police today.

Danny Mwale
Deputy Police Public Relations Officer