Assistant Inspector Chester Last Matsa, a senior police officer, has reportedly gone missing following a series of events that transpired after he apprehended a ZANU PF member. This arrest led to a confrontation with Deputy Tourism Minister Barbra Rwodzi, during which she allegedly made threats against Matsa. The Shurugwi Police Station, via radio communication, has broadcasted Matsa’s unaccounted status and has instructed that he be apprehended if located.


Matsa had been relocated from Charandura Police Station to Shurugwi following the leakage of a recorded conversation between him and Rwodzi, which quickly gained widespread attention. In the audio recording, Rwodzi is purportedly heard verbally berating Matsa and issuing threats, ostensibly due to the arrest of Fidelis Danger, a fellow member of her political party, who was caught removing campaign posters belonging to an opposition party. Rwodzi’s recorded statements include:

“I will address this matter with you in the presence of Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Godwin Thandabantu Matanga. You’re displaying foolishness… Do you believe CCC stands a chance of winning? You’re behaving like a subservient creature! You can proceed to lodge a complaint wherever you desire, but you remain nothing more than a mere underling. Imbecile!”

On July 17, 2023, Matsa registered a formal complaint against Rwodzi at the Gweru police station. However, subsequent updates have been lacking, despite a police statement confirming an ongoing investigation into the matter. In his official complaint, Matsa accused Rwodzi of subjecting him to threats and intimidation over the phone.

The incident has raised concerns within the Zimbabwe Human Rights Monitors Platform, which views it as a troubling indication of a potential shift toward authoritarian practices. The platform emphasizes that the alleged intimidation and harassment of law enforcement personnel for political motives is a hazardous development that should not be taken lightly.