LORRAINE Guyo, who is affectionately known as Ndinyegeiwo girl following the release of her Valentine’s meme which broke the internet and turned her into a social media celebrity overnight, claims police are keen to interview her in connection with a leaked bedroom tape.

The police have since visited her former workplace hunting for her, she says.

The video which shows a stark naked woman adoring her derriere did the rounds early this month on social media with users alleging that it was her.

“Police are looking for me and they went to my former workplace thinking I was still there. So I’ve been told that they are keen to interview me with regards to the nude video,” she said.

Pressed if she had proof that she wasn’t the woman in the video, Lorraine confirmed that it was her lookalike.

“It wasn’t me,” she said, “Unless if they can prove me wrong.”

She has visibly lost her self-esteem now that thrill is over. She is planning on handing herself to police this morning.

Lorraine has disclosed she was working on a self-titled film about child abuse.

“The film is parents who abuse girl child up until she decides to become a commercial sex worker. I play the lead role,” she said.


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