Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union leader Obert Masaraure has been denied food delivery from outside while in police custody so that they can poison him, the organisation has claimed.

ARTUZ says the move by the police to deny Masaraure access to food from outside is aimed at starving him to the extent that they can serve him poisoned food.

“Deliberate intention by the regime to starve President Masaraure in police cells so that they can serve him poison laced food.

“Make noise to the international community now and this must be known to the whole world. They want to kill him the Jongwe way,” alleges ARTUZ.

Masaraure is being charged with murder over 2016 incident where a colleague fell from 7th floor of a Harare hotel, but colleagues say he is persecuted for his unionism.

Meanwhile, the teachers unions in Zimbabwe, ARTUZ included are planning a week long strike demanding better salaries and working conditions for teachers.