Police on horse backs take lockdown violators to station- Photo/ The Herald

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) reports that 3174 people were arrested on 24th January 2021 for contravening various offences related to COVID-19 National Lockdown Regulations.

According to ZRP, 1747 were arrested for unnecessary movements while 984 were arrested for failure to wear face masks.

Most of the people arrested are being made to pay deposit fines.

“Let’s not wait to be arrested by police to wear face masks or practise social distancing.

“It is in one’s own interest and that of others to prioritise health, safety and security to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says the police.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned that they will be no mercy against those who violate lockdown regulations.

Apparently, the Mnangagwa administration is standing accused of forcing people to stay at home while failing to provide them with food.

Some people who spoke to this publication on why they are making unnecessary movements, say they are not making unnecessary movements, but are trying to fend for themselves.

“I am not making unnecessary movements, my family has to eat, so one way or the other I have to feed them, lockdown or no lockdown, we can not postpone eating,” said one Epworth resident on his way to Queensdale supposedly to find some food for his family.

Another resident concurred, saying the government has every resource to equip the military and the police to beat lockdown regulations violators, but can’t feed the citizens.

“So how do they expect us to survive; or do they mean that it is better to die of hunger than of covid-19?” He asked.

Meanwhile, under lockdown regulations, people are allowed to go out only for essential services like to buy food, for medical reasons, etc.