Zimbabweans speculate why Elikem interview was banned from the TOP

Pokello’s ex-boyfriend, Elikem says he has been left shocked after he was told that his interview on Star FM was cancelled on instructions from THE TOP.

“I don’t know why my interview was stopped from whichever top. I don’t know what’s happening in Zimbabwe with who. I am very oblivious to who and what’s going on here. Who is afraid of me going on radio to say what. I am totally dumbfounded. I’m shocked and I don’t know what to say.”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, most of you know that I was supposed to be on Star FM to have an interview at 7p.m but it has been cancelled, why? I’m not too sure, but I got a call from Ollah himself and another manager guy talking about the show is cancelled, The manager guy said to me he got a phone call from the top that we cannot go ahead with the show, he apologised greatly, and so I apologise to you as well. I’m totally dumbfounded, I’m shocked, I don’t know what to say.


Reactions to Elikem interview saga


Elikem says he doesn’t understand why his interview with Ollah was cancelled. 😂😂😂 Doesn’t he know that his ex-wife is married to the first family. 😂😂😂 LITERALLY. LOL. Or is he throwing low key shade to Shaun Mnangagwa kuti, Who do you think you are? Unobiwa iwe!



Elikem does not seem to understand his ex and what surrounds her



Why did they cancel his interview, m sure he wasn’t gonna talk about pokello at all ,this guy he’s smart


His interview was going to be a no holds barred saka paizobuda zvakawanda wanda obviously including zva pokie