By Gaurvi Sharma

Online gaming has seen growth over the years, from some known celebrities endorsing the various online gaming platforms to hundreds of people joining these platforms each day. And South Africa is no different. Online gaming has seen a massive surge since newer internet facilities and people’s interest in gaming.

South Africa has also seen rapid growth in the online gaming trend, just like their African neighbors. South Africa is already a big name in the online gaming business or eSports, as they like to call it. Various online tournaments have been organized for online gaming enthusiasts in South Africa.

Factors Influencing Online Gaming Growth in Africa

Internet Connection

Africa is no less in the number of gaming enthusiasts, but the shortcoming they face is the quality of the internet in their country. The quality of their internet isn’t enough for them to stream a game or even participate in one online.

They faced these issues until early 2020, but then some of the major problems were fixed. Currently, at least 22% of the African population has access to the internet.

They have chalked out two major plans regarding the internet in the country, first to provide internet services in the rural areas and second to bring down the prices of these services and provide all the citizens with excellent and affordable internet connections soon.

Banking System

Another problem that online players face is with the banking system of the country. Online gaming is hugely connected to the online banking system because while making the gaming account, the players have to provide their bank details. If they win the game, the winning amount could be immediately transferred to their accounts to avoid any type of confusion.

However, banks all over Africa are developing apps and wallets to ease the process.

Gaming Regulations

There isn’t any strict law surrounding online gaming. It isn’t entirely legal or completely illegal since nothing has been written down in the country’s laws. And gaming enthusiasts take full advantage of this situation, trying to make the most of it.

When you randomly type ‘Online gaming in South Africa on google, the first result on your screen will be gambling or something related to gambling. This is because online gambling, or gambling in general, plays an essential role in the whole gaming business in the country.

There has been a huge growth of new online casinos in South Africa. Online casinos in South Africa are also world-renowned. They also offer people to play various new and old games which were initially only played offline. There is a vast range of online casinos licensed to provide online gambling services, and some are specialized for the same.

New Casinos offer big welcome bonuses. Moreover, they have the best slots and great payment methods. Many of them are also offering free spins. However, if you are still unsure about trying a new casino, check out their ratings and reviews on the website.

The most popular online games include:

  • Card Games
  • Fifa by EA Sports
  • Africa’s Legends by Leti Arts
  • Sports betting.

Zimbabwe, not being such a ‘pro player’ in the online gaming industry, is trying to reach the level of its neighboring African countries who have been in this game for long quite some time now despite all the various challenges the players have faced to face.