Zimbabwe is one of the few African countries where gambling is legal. Harare is the country’s largest gambling city, and you can place bets at land-based casinos, sports betting shops, horse racing tracks, and the popular state-run lottery.

Online gambling has become significantly more popular within the country recently, with renowned operators like SA Gaming offering various online games. Droves of Zimbabweans are turning to online gaming platforms thanks to the social stigma associated with gambling in the local cultures. Zimbabwean society traditionally considers gambling a vice, and most people frown upon it.

For others, the expanding opportunities are a welcome chance to capitalise on web-based entertainment.

Online Gambling Regulations in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, online gaming remains an unregulated industry, with no specific laws prohibiting it. It means that playing online games in Zimbabwe is neither legal nor illegal. Patrons are at liberty to play on international online gaming platforms without worrying about prosecution.

The Lottery and Gambling Board of Zimbabwe regulates all betting activities in the country. The expectation is that gaming laws will soon update to allow and legalise online betting.

Types of Online Casino Games to Play in Zimbabwe

There’s a wide selection of online casino games available in Zimbabwe, with some gaming platforms offering hundreds of variations. The most popular games include slots, poker, video poker, progressive jackpot slots, roulette, blackjack, and sports betting.

Live Dealer Games in Zimbabwe

Live dealer games offer some of today’s most exciting games, and Zimbabweans have access to more than fifty of these popular options. Leading software providers power live dealer casinos in the country, including Playtech, Real Time Gaming, BetSoft, Net Entertainment, and the UK’s Micrograming.

These software providers enable the live dealer casinos to offer Zimbabwean gamblers a realistic live gaming experience. It includes high-quality 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. Players can also win massive progressive jackpots in live Zimbabwe dealer games.

The progressive jackpots spread across a wide variety of games. Whether you love poker or table games, you’ll always find a game with a progressive jackpot, giving you a chance to win big.

Challenges Facing Online Gaming in Zimbabwe

If you want to play online games, a fast and reliable internet connection is essential. However, most Zimbabweans don’t have access to an efficient or reliable connection, especially out of the cities. Others can’t afford the expense of high-speed internet.

Various stakeholders strive to improve the internet connection in rural areas, bringing prices down to encourage more Zimbabweans to play games online.

Another factor that undermines online gambling activities in the country is the absence of proper banking infrastructure. To overcome these banking challenges, many patrons turn to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, allowing them to circumvent various hurdles and enjoy online gaming.

Zimbabwe Online

Online gambling is rapidly taking off in Zimbabwe, and gambling enthusiasts can access a wide range of options from leading international online gambling sites. While the industry faces challenges like low internet access and precarious banking infrastructure, there are many stakeholders invested in making sure the industry thrives.