President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who declared the ravaging Covid-19 (coronavirus) a national disaster, must put Zimbabwe under immediate lockdown in the pursuit of minimising the risk of the spread of the deadly pandemic, a labour organisation has said.
According to Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General Japhet Moyo, the measures that have already been put by Harare to minimise the spread of coronavirus are not enough. Zimbabwe recorded it’s first coronavirus death yesterday following the passing on of business mogul James Makamba’s son, Zororo.
“While we appreciate efforts that are being put by government to try to prevent the spread of the virus we believe that these are not enough and the government must take the next decisive act of shutting down the country. Our neighbour South Africa have decided to do so despite comprehensive measures they have put in place to break the cycle of infection”, Moyo said.
He added: “The government should decisively walk the talk and be seen to be leading the nation unlike now where individuals, households and enterprises are choosing what measures suit them. We have only one life and it is precious as compared to economic interests of individuals in gvt and business”.
With a traditionally deteriorating health sector in the southern African country, Zimbabweans remain anxious on how Mnangagwa’s Government will manage to withstand the catastrophic pandemic which has shaken the entire globe, including countries with comparably better healthcare facilities.