War breaks out in Harare, Zimbabwe Army deployed, live bullets fired, people shot dead

MDC Alliance youths are engaged in running battles with Zimbabwe Army and Police in Harare, accusing ZEC and Zanu PF of vote manipulation.

Military helicopters, tanks sent to crash the protest.

An elderly woman was seen shouting at the police telling them they are stupid, how do they kill people when their mothers are suffering..See video below in Shona


Speaking abou the “stolen election” MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, had this to say:

“THANK YOU ZIMBABWE …I’m humbled by the support you have given to me as a Presidential Candidate. We have won the popular vote. You voted for total Change in this past election!We have won this one together. No amount of results manipulation will alter your WILL #Godisinit.”

A ZwNews corresponded has witnessed armed soldiers firing live ammunition, beating up people in the streets of Harare as military tanks head into the town centre from Msasa area.

Our reporter also saw a seriously injured many lying injured with broken limbs. Soldiers in the vicinity walked away and refused to give assistance(video too upsetting to post on this site).

Unconfirmed reports say one person has been shot dead

Details follow..