The United States, through its Harare Diplomatic Post, has spoken again excessive use of military hard power against civilians.

Below is their statement.

The United States Embassy in Harare is deeply concerned by events unfolding in Harare. We urge leaders of all parties to call for calm from members of their respective parties. We further urge the Defense Forces of Zimbabwe to use restraint in dispersing protestors.

Zimbabwe has an historic opportunity to move the country towards a brighter future for all its citizens. Violence cannot be a part of that process.

Earlier today, Zwnews reporters witnessed soldiers shooting civilians in Harare during an MDC Alliance protests against election results.

The Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, claims he won resoundingly but results are being ‘cooked’ by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC).

The electoral body’s core staff is drawn from Zanu-PF and the Zimbabwe National Army.

Last month, Donald Trump’s government maintained sanctions on Harare over human rights abuse by the military backed administration.

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