Today president Mugabe will bury Vivian Mwashita and Victoria Chitepo side by side at the National Heroes Acre also known as the national shrine in Zanu PF circles.

Here are some pictures and updates..

Mugabe’s Burial Speech

Now President Mugabe is on podium.  He praises the late women for their selfless role in the liberation struggle.

Mugabe talks about the good things Victoria Chitepo and Vivian Mwashita did for the party after independence.

Mugabe describes Ian Smith as the bloodiest and worst killer of civilians ever seen in Zimbabwe.

I thank my mother Victoria Chitepo  for looking after my first wife sally before our wedding here in Harare: Mugabe

He describes Victoria Chitepo as courageous
“(She was) influenced by her father an ANC cadre and husband Herbert first Zanu chairman…she made a lifelong commitment to the liberation struggle”

>>>>After speaking about the late Mwashita’s liberation contribution,  Mugabe ends his burial speech


mwashita chitepo burial latest news






at mbare

mugabe body viewing at stoddart hall mbare








mugabe body viewing


victoria chitepo body








chitepo’s cascate

heroes acre puctures








mbare dancers

vivian mwashita chitepo coffins









vivian mwashita…below

vivian mwashita in coffin