President Robert Mugabe recently revealed to war veterans how he was seriously embarrassed and humiliated after loosing elections to Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008 before runoff.

He revealed how he was opened told by other SADC leaders that Tsvangirai was the people’s choice in 2008 elections.

The Botswana vice-president Mompati Sebogodi Merafhe told him openly at an African Union meeting that he stole the victory from Tsvangirai.

“Anyway we agreed [to the unity government] with the scolding from Tsvangirai and even at the AU, I was humiliated by the late Botswana Foreign Affairs minister Merhafe and other presidents that we had lost elections,” he said.

“Merafhe, he is late now, even went to the point of telling me that the seat I was in was supposed to be occupied by Tsvangirai.

 “I could not do anything but just keep quiet praying time will pass”.

In 2014 Mugabe told reporters that Tsvangirai won by more than 70% before he was corrected by his aides.

Recently former Zanu PF top dog Didymas  Mutasa said he also believed that Tsvangirai won, he went on to say Mugabe really meant what  he said as he repeated it three times in the offiice.