Zanele Mahachi, a 22 year old Zimbabwean lady was stabbed to death in Sheffield UK yesterday following an altercation with Tee Fuzz, a 37  year old married Zimbabwean  man.

According to rumours in social media Zanele was Tee Fuz’s small house.

Tee Fuzz who is a Colchester resident has already been arrested by police and investigation continues.

Emergency service were alerted to the incident at 8.15am.

Paramedics were first to arrive, followed by police officers, residents said.

A  Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “At around 8.15am today, police were called to Spotswood Close in Gleadless Valley to reports that a woman had been stabbed.

A number of streets are cordoned off with police tape, with police officers guarding the scene.

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