Main suspect Edward Nkata is a ‘Pastor’ he also doubled as a ‘witch doctor’ or traditional healer

VIDEO…FOUR Zimbabweans who are facing charges in connection with the gruesome murder of a nine or ten-year old Zimbabwean girl, Akundaishe Natalie Chipombo, in Windhoek last week Friday are expected to enter guilty pleas during their first appearance in court today.
New information suggest that the accused 4 intend to enter guilty pleas before a magistrate.
One of the suspects, Edward Nkata, is said to be a pastor by day and traditional healer by night. Sources have it that Nkata had two wives living with him at a residential complex along Rhino Street, near the Rhino Park Private Hospital, in Windhoek North.
Police arrested a Zimbabwean nurse on Sunday after they reviewed closed circuit television footage of the suspect(Nkata) and a woman dragging a wheelie bin that is believed to have contained the body of the murdered little girl in the direction of the rubbish skip.
It has further emerged that the woman who was arrested first, a Zimbabwean nurse, is one of Nkata’s wives and the mother of the victim. He was later arrested with his second wife, Carol, purportedly attempting to flee the country.
Their gate-away male driver was also taken into custody. The suspects where reportedly on their way to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Edward Nkata’s social media profiles indicate that he is a church pastor.
Word has it that the victim was rarely seen in public and neighbours barely saw her as she was often kept indoors away from a normal girl’s life and hobbies. Other claims are that she may have been subjected to a pattern of abuse over a long time, which took a turn for the worst last weekend, ending in her death and a desperate attempt to incinerate her body, in order to conceal evidence of the heinous crime.
On the other hand, the assertion that ‘Pastor Edward’ also doubled as a ‘witch doctor’ or traditional healer fueled allegations, in some quarters, that this may have been a ritual killing. The police have categorically ruled out that possibility in the preliminary phase of the investigation.
Road accident..Edward Nkata cheats death

Nkata who has been identified as the main suspect in the ongoing case narrowly escaped death when the police vehicle in which he was being transported, left the road and overturned.

Nkata and his wife were arrested late on Sunday afternoon at the turn-off to Okakarara on the B1 Road after a country wide dragnet of police officers was deployed in search of the suspect and his family, who was attempting to flee back to Zimbabwe.

The crash occurred shortly after the man suspected to have killed the little girl, was arrested.

Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi indicated that Nkata’ wife and their three children were being transported in a separate police vehicle at the time of the accident.

“The driver lost control over the bake and it left the road and overturned,” Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi said.

Edward Nkata accident scene