Scores of people were injured after a 7 member gang armed with machetes, axes, iron bars and bicycle chains barricaded Nyaradza Business Centre in Gokwe South before thoroughly beating, searching and robbing people at the shops, police have said.

According to witnesses, the violent gang also force-opened shops and bars, looting beers and anything alcoholic among other property.

They went away will phones, cash, beer and petrol.

A local teacher who also experienced the terror said the MaShurugwis scolded their victims who had nothing in their possession.

“It was a traumatic 30-minute encounter with this machete gang as they would strike at will, assaulting and cursing victims who would be found with nothing valuable at hand. I lost a cellphone and US$5 which I had in my pocket but I felt for a colleague who they pounced on after me. I heard them assaulting him with chains while questioning him why he had nothing on him to take away.  It was a crime to be found with nothing in your possession,” said Mr Maxwell Gondo one of the victims.

Those who were injured in the attack were taken to Gokwe District Hospital.

Police have since launched a manhunt to apprehend the thugs.