Manyuchi’s next fight Vs Damien Martin, Venue,Harare Zimbabwe, September 2016,Pictures

Zimbabwean boxing Champion Charles Manyuchi will defend his World Boxing Council belt in Harare this coming September.

Manyuchi’s next opponent has been named as Damien Martin from France.

Martin has won his last 6 fights and has a record of 25 wins overall, with 8 defeats and draws.

Manyuchi has a proud record of 18 wins, one draw and two defeats in his 21 bouts so

Apart from this there is very little details about the French boxer. We will know more about the fight  as the match date get closer.

Manyuchi is optimistic Zimbabweans will guarantee him victory in a packed Harare International Conference Centre later this year.

Below is a photo of Damien Martin who will be fighting Manyuchi in Harare soon

picture of boxer damien martin
Ready to rumble..Damien Martin..Champion of France

MANYUCHI vs Martin in harare zimbabwe

Charles Manyuchi, Zimbabwean Boxer



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