Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba was peaked up by Harare police for questioning this morning over a video in which he insulted President Robert Mugabe.

He was later released and will report to the police station for further questioning.

There are rumours that overzealous police officers rushed to arrest Lumumba in order to appease Zanu PF party.

Lumumba made some derogatory remarks and used a swearing fword in the same sentence with President Robert Mugabe’s name.

He told reporters that he does not fear Mugabe before uttering the unprintable words against his former boss.

There are reports that Grace is fuming over the way Lumumba has been attacking the first family.

A confidential source close top the first family told our reporters that Grace is fed up with Lumumba’s careless utterances and she wants action taken to ‘stop his madness’.