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Chamisa fights ‘illiterate’ Zanu PF MP in parliament, Nearly beaten up..Pictures

Outspoken MDC MP Nelson Chamisa was almost beaten up by an angry Zanu PF MP who fumed that Chamisa had called him ‘uneducated and illiterate’.

Zvishavane-Ngezi legislator John Holder stood up during debate and charged at Nelson Chamisa after misinterpreting Chamisa’s  statement.

“I don’t know why tempers flared. Perhaps he was not happy with my opposition to the bill that was before the House,” Chamisa told reporters.

“I stood on a point of order but the other MPs from Zanu PF said that the point of order I was raising we don’t know it, can you read it for us. So I said fine. That’s when someone raised a point of order saying I had said they are illiterate.

“So Holder stood up and said I should sit down and withdraw but I said ‘no I have no problem to read on behalf of those who cannot read’. But the speaker said I should withdraw and I said I have not said anything prohibited by Parliament. It’s not offence; it does not violate any rules of Parliament.”

Then commotion ensued as Holder charged at Chamisa before he was stopped by shocked Zanu PF MPs.

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