Zimbabweans have been amazed by the new Harare Drive roundabout as the country has not have much to celebrate for the past 38 years in terms of  road construction and rehabilitation.

But some have used this as opportunity to credit certain authorities at the expense of the other.

Following endless debates on internet to establish the brains behind the amazing roundabout, Bitumen World, the builders of the project have come out to set the record straight.

Here is their statement:

Bitumen World, Civil Engineering Contractors based in Harare, Zimbabwe wish to address the confusion relating to the traffic circle recently built at the Harare Drive, Gaydon Road, Rolf Avenue intersection.

The Traffic Circle is a product of the contract between client, City of Harare and contractor, Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd, funded by Zimbabwe National Roads Association (Zinara), agreed to in February of this year. The scope of the initial project was to rehabilitate Harare Drive between Borrowdale and Drew Roads, a total of 4.5km, by strengthening and widening the road to a full 10 metres.

Towards the end of the twelve-week project, Bitumen World was awarded the additional works to construct a traffic circle at the Harare Drive, Gaydon Road, Rolf Avenue intersection.

Further to the general construction of the Traffic Circle, Bitumen World were granted the rights by City of Harare to carry out horticultural services in and around the Circle.

Over and above any commitments Bitumen World took financial responsibility for the landscaping of the traffic circle and surrounding quadrants, implemented an irrigation system, erected solar powered street lights, manufactured elephant tusk furnishings and topped it off with blue lighting effects at no additional cost to client or rate payers. “It’s there for the community to enjoy,” says Bitumen World Managing Director, Andre Zietsman.

“This was a joint commitment from all three parties of which everyone fulfilled their role resulting in the beautification of Harare for the benefit of its road users.”

Bitumen World prides themselves in guiding their clients through the intricacies of the construction process, delivering outstanding results on time, within budget, to an international standard and will continue to do so.