Police Mishandled Demonstrations in Harare

Zimbabwe Police have been blamed for provoking violence in the capital city Harare when they teargassed MDCT youth who were on their way to handover a document to a government minister as they press on with their demands for a peaceful and tolerant police force.

A witnessed who observed the clashes from her office narrated what happened to zwnews.com reporters;

“Some youths gathered at the MDCT Harvest House party headquarters in central Harare but heavily armed police descended on the protesters, beating them and forcing them to dispel,” she said on condition of anonymity.

“The youths then launched a quick counterattack and outmaneuvered the police who had to run for cover; the result is what you see in those  pictures,” she added.
Meanwhile, Harare police have been condemned after they were filmed firing a teargas missile into a kombi carrying school children, see picture below.
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