Update: ZBC, Police Cars set on Fire in Harare Demo Today..Riots Photos

There was chaos in Harare as Zimbabwe police were caught unprepared by MDC T youths and other protesters who had to resort to violence as they were ‘attacked by armed police without provocation’ according to an elderly woman vending in Harare city.

A Zimnewsnet source in Harare told our reporters that violence broke out when police ambushed youths who were on their way to handout a petition to the Home Affairs Minister in order for him to act on police brutality against peaceful demonstrations.

The protesters also singing the now well known political hymn… Mugabe Must Go Now!

VP Mphoko’s Choppies shop was looted, ZBC and ZRP cars burnt as seen on images below:

zbc car set on fire

zbc car set on fire

harare todAY


zbc car on fire


police car burning in Harare


mphoko shop looted


Mugabe must Go Now

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