Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) Deputy Treasurer and Member of Parliament for  Kuwadzana East Constituency, Charlton Hwende, has suggested that a soldier who appeared in a video firing an automatic  weapon(see below) during a post-election military operation in Harare be interviewed.

Hwende also posted a number of pictures on his social media account of the named soldier:

Said Hwende:

“On 1 August this man (name given)was among the soldiers deployed in Harare who later on killed 8 civilians in cold blood. He must be among the first people to be interviewed by the Commission of enquiry @madhu.”

The pictures shown above have also been published and shared many times on social media and public forums(unedited).
There is no evidence linking the soldier to the deaths, he was filmed firing his gun into the air.

The man who shot at protesters was bigger and had his whole face covered.