Fungayi Moyana

The whole of Chikomba Districtict Chivhu was shocked when a pastor could not control his libido and raped a minor at a church house.

Hence Chibaro a pastor with a local church did the unthinkable when he raped a 14 year old girl from Chitsaka Village at a church house.

Chibaro from Madzivire Village under Chief Nyoka went to the church’s house at around 6pm where he found the girl alone because her mother had gone away to a funeral.

Chibaro waited for the mother until it was late and he opted to sleep in the dining room as he was supposed to perform a prayer session with the mother.

At about midnight the lustful pastor sneaked into the girl’s room removed her pants and raped her twice without a condom.

The girl tried to scream but Chibaro took a blanket and covered her mouth to avoid any sound.

After raping her Chibaro threatened to pray for the minor’s death if she told anyone about the incident.

The following day the mother saw the blankets from her daughter’s bed all soaked in blood and confronted her, that’s when the girl spilled the beans.

The mother reported the issue to the police leading to Chibaro’s arrest.

The pastor was slapped with 18 years in prison 3 years being suspended for good behaviour.s