Villagers in Nhwali Gwanda South say they are living in fear as mugging and robbery cases have continued to go on unabated with perpetrators of the criminal activities allegedly still walking scot free.

Nhwali rural area appears peaceful by the day but villagers there say when night falls the community is gripped with fear as robbing and muggings have become prevalent.

The villagers say the criminals target those suspected to have money who are then waylaid and robbed of their possessions.

Among those who have fallen victim to the thugs is the headmaster of Nhwali Primary School, Mr Kotsho Nare who eventually lost an eye due to the attacks and a senior teacher at Zenya Primary School Mr Mthulisi Dube who says he ruptured a kidney during the attack.

The victims recounted their gory experiences and have called for more to be done to stop the crimes.

Despite the cases being reported to the police, victims feel that there is no change as the crime rate continues to rise.

They also pleaded to have an increase in police presence in communities.. zbc